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Franco and The Dreadnought

Franco and The Dreadnought from Manchester in England is John Blaylock (Franco) and a his DXME Martin Acoustic Guitar (The Dreadnought), plying contemporary indie-folk to an eager audience.

Franco and the Dreadnought

Franco and the Dreadnought

I am drawn to comparisons with another Northern English soloist Paul Liddell, with a similar driven grittiness to the material. There is once again that regional accent, not a mid-atlantic drawl and an earthy reflection of the travails of life. John in previous incarnation already achieved global success and once again he looks set to achieve the same.

The power in the music lies in its completeness. The music emotes the already heart-wringing vocal and the listener is left in no doubt that life is full of challenges which need to be faced head-on.

Being a miserable Londoner, little turns the heart, but I find my-self, as I do with Paul Liddell, thinking of Julie, someone who faced lifes challenges and wouldn’t let them get her down, despite all the barbs thrown at her. I don’t think I could manage a concert by Franco and The Dreadnought without shedding a niagra-falls of tears, as I type I find myself having to clear my eyes.

Thank you John for making such a powerful noise which blasts through my head with far more vim and vigour than a maximum volume  Heavy Metal act and long may Franco and The Dreadnought continue to grab the listener by the tear ducts.


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