False-Heads is Luke Griffiths (Vocals /Guitar), Mop Head ( Bass / Backing Vocals), Jack Hertz (Drums) and Jake Elliott (Guitar) an alternative rock band originally from East London in England but now striding between University in Chichester and their home base of Upminster.

False-Heads - alternative rock from England


A subdued atmospheric charge rolls into the room as False-Heads temper the music with a fog that veils the compositions in a shroud, leaving the listener focussed on the shifting shapes hidden from clear view. The overall effect of this technique is to give the quartet something of a sense of mystery, which suits the lyrical content that explores a sense of uncertainty about established norms and the package creates a highly charged and slightly oppressive feel.

The hiatus of moving to study left the band in something of a flux for a while, after a bright early start in 2011. Having recently introduced a fourth member to the band False-Heads is able to add considerable context to the material and there is something slightly Scandinavian in influence about the sounds as a filtered shoegaze guitar can be heard echoing in the background.

With a refreshed lease on life there is no reason False-Heads is not set to become a band who more people get to know in short order as this style of music suits the times like a glove and I look forward to hearing how things settle down and the band develops.

A new EP – Tunnel Vision was released on the 17th July 2013.


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