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Exit Earth

Exit Earth is a lo-fi alternative indie rock band from Leamington Spa in England comprising  Symrun Johal (vocals / guitar), Jake Maiden (drums), Joe Holiday (guitar) and Bas Macabre (bass)

Exit Earth

Exit Earth

There is a gauntlet thrown out to the ears as Exit Earth emerge like a tortured soul from the speakers and this is a sound worth taking the time to wrestle with. Resounding guitar rises like a tsunami unseen from afar washing away the space, whilst the forerunner is a heart warming melange of instrumentation and vocal.

Unlikely to hit the mainstream any-time soon, it is always a pleasure to introduce bands that push the envelope a little pursuing, their heart, not the dollar. It ever remains a surprise of the bands who find longevity outside the mainstream and Exit Earth deserve considerable half-life. This is not music for nerds, rather music for those who appreciate creativity as the portmanteau serves as template for so much to follow and in time they will be found by those who appreciate musical exploration.


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