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Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams is a singer songwriter from Exeter in England. Of particular note is the way that she has been able to use crowd-funding successfully to release her debut LP Unseen, which came out in 2009 after raising US$50 000. She has just completed funding for her second album Hope, this time a more modest US$5 000.

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams

In addition to possessing a delightful voice, Ellie demonstrates two other qualities demanded of aspiring musicians, drive and determination. The fund raising exercise was highly ambitious, but won through with ease and the reason for the lengthy delay in first and second Albums? Ellie is recovering from Thyroid Cancer, which knocked her out of the scene for a while.

On occasion it is nice to  just lay back the music and here the sounds fit the bill. The folksy-pop is easy on the ears, whilst at the same time demonstrates some highly tuned song crafting ability and it will be interesting to find out where her second album channels her new found energy.

With a soft brush-stroke, the material wafts out of the speakers creating a canvas of gentleness, before the music and vocal layer solidity and focus to the sound, in which the listener can calmly pass many a moment whilst resting in the quiet eddies in life.


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