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E-MUTE is an alternative indie band from London in England comprising the quartet of E-MUTE (Vocals / Drums / Piano), Svetlana Vassileva (Bass /Vocals), Darren Ashford (drums) and Tolis Zavaliaris (Guitars / Vocals).



These are musicians with experience 0f working with larger bands and I must confess I was somewhat sceptical as to what this would be about when I received the introduction, but my concerns were cast aside the moment I hit play as a warming bath of music tumbled in to the room. Sure, they have a smooth radio friendly sound as would be expected, but rather than ticking the boxes of let’s make a record and make money, E-MUTE has set out to differentiate themselves and their approach is at once refreshing and easy to understand.

The textures are smooth rock, it is the stitching that adds the interest to the ears as the sounds possess a sombre atmospheric that weaves an unfolding storyline emblazoned by guitar and percussion rumbling through the spaces and it is the bass and vocal which adds the focus to the sounds, akin to the techniques of early new-wave exponents and to add to the layers E-MUTE also employ, as the need arises, electronics and keys to temper the sounds. They are equally able to rebalance the sounds to a more classic rock formula, in these sections their fresh approach to the genre comes to the fore, retaining a sense of originality.

The listener gains considerably from their past experience whilst simultaneously the music fan finds a space full of engaging material in which to dwell. E-MUTE is a band that deserves to make strides in the industry, time will tell whether their ambitions are met with the naturalness of the material they produce as a new out-fit or whether they will decide to revert to formulaism to secure their goals. For such a cynic as I, I do believe E-MUTE will remain true to the objectives, so I look forward to finding out how it all pans out.


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