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Drag Your Heels

Drag Your Heels from London in England – Lucy (Vocals), Tommy (Guitar),  Al (Drums) and Kevin (Bass) play a decent set of alternative indie music.

Drag Your Heels

Drag Your Heels

Delicious vocal comes bounding out of the speakers emblazoned in a wrap of guitar. You remember ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President with Marilyn Monroe’? Well this is where I sit, spellbound - memorized and intoxicated. Iterations of all that was good about alternative in the ’80s is leaping around the room, with a prowling cheetah to wrap up any stragglers.

Bouncing tempo that can not but fail to engage, with the smoky warm vocal that penetrates the ears are the hallmarks of Drag Your Heels. Disregarding the retrospective reminiscences, there is a sound that smears like a pillar-box red lipstick across the face, brash – confident and sultry. This is music to share with close friends.


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