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Don’t Feed The Robot

Whilst at Warwick University back in 2010 Don’t Feed The Robot came to fruition. Now based in London – England, Harry (drums /vocal), Will (guitar), Jon (guitar /synth /keys) and Isabelle (lead vocal/ bass) are busy carving a niche in the musical portals of sci-fi-indie-pop.

Don't Feed The Robot

Don't Feed The Robot

I felt the need for a run of hyphens for no reason other than there were enough obliques in the opening paragraph. So let’s not explore the genre posited too closely other than to say: Decent keys and rock are hurtling out of the speakers as I type.

There are a raft off rock riffs which collide with mutations of synths which is over-layed by the thoughts of the lead singer. This is a space which is choc-a-full with potential reviews, so what is it that marks out Don’t Feed The Robot for a tip to the readers?

You know when some-one walks in to a crowded room and for no apparent reason eyes are drawn? Somehow, sometimes things just are as they are for no real rhyme or reason and so this is where the band sits.There is an engaging sound-track and the use of synth for sure adds a flavour.

The band certainly don’t lack ambition with the release schedule: A single Either Way; An EP Seize the Day; A follow up single Miles released on 26th March 2012; A third single out in April 2012 and an 11 track LP out shortly thereafter.

But it is all well and good having pretensions of releases, of far more relevance as I stand in the crowded room, of indie-pop / rock, my ears are drawn to Don’t Feed The Robot, who carve with simplicity a space marked ‘ours’.


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