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Dead Jerichos

Dead Jerichos, hey I seem to be on a roll with English bands at the moment, let’s try and break that momentum,. but not for now… Craig Evans (Guitar / Vocal), Sahm Amirsedghi (Bass) and Leo Rayner (Drums) from Oxford rip in to icons and I have to respect that space.

Dead Jerichos

Dead Jerichos

Ouch that hurt, Debbie Harry with her eye’s torn out, good on Dead Jerichos for getting on with the next generation, though I must stay she still looks stunning….

I will try and think of Dead Jerichos as wiping away the past, but to be honest, I can’t, references come spinning back to my head from that perennial LP favourite Wargasm, I must write a review one day. Tight and hurried chords reverberate against the vocal as the band drive a high energy momentum.

There is an essential emergency about the band that demands attention, as they shift between rock and echo, whilst the core driving beat takes the music forwards.

My fingers are tapping away next to the keyboard as I dwell in the space in which Dead Jerichos abide. Won’t get much of a review written will it, so let’s try again.

These guys rip the neck out of new wave (hence the Blondie reference) and drive it in to a current space, with a blend of cross-cultural references and a sense of menace that all is not as it may appear. Driving drum is replaced by guitar which hands over to bass and all the while the engaging vocal sets a tone of disquiet.


Dead Jerichos take up the cudgel of angst and drive a sharp cleft in to the music scene.

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