CoCo and The Butterfields

Coco and The Butterfields – a Celtic Rock band from Canterbury in England comprises Tom Twyman (Guitar / Vocals), Dulcima Showan (Violin / Vocals), Jamie Smith (Beatbox), Micah Hyson (Double Bass), Rob Wicks (Banjo), Zeb Tonkin (Trombone) and Stuart Fowler (Trumpet).

CoCo and The Butterfields - Celtic Rock from England

CoCo and The Butterfields

CoCo and The Butterfields raise an immediate smile on hitting play as they deliver a clean beat riven sound which snatches up the listener and takes them on a joyful journey of discovery. Combining a diversity of instruments the band is able to add a personal twist to the folk based material giving it a new coat of paint which flickers round the room with the joys of a spring lamb.

This is music which will spin you round the room in a good mood regardless of how you approach it as the infectious connectivity of up-tempo Celtic Rock rattles through the ears working their way down to the boots which will involuntarily start tapping in time. With the range of instruments CoCo and The Butterfields are able to add considerable texture to the music which although being, on the surface, easy to deal with, contains well structured and creative compositions. With the two different singers they add a completely different dynamic to the sound depending on who is taking the lead.

Having started life as individual buskers who got together back in 2011 they have developed that easy connection with the audience creating an immediate affinity and successfully transferred that knack to a full performance band and are making great strides in the International Touring circuit.


Warriors – EP – CoCo and The Butterfields is available on iTunes*.

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