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Blue Balloon

Blue Balloon is the singer songwriter Robert Rorison from London in England.

Blue Balloon

Blue Balloon

Originally starting as a hip-hop beat-match DJ, life has undergone some significant changes for Robert Rorison and we find Blue Balloon exposing the entrails of life.

You will have no surprise that I would showcase a creator who delves deep in to his psyche to deliver an exposition of his own life in full glare of critique. Of equal prominence is the transition from what you all know is a genre I really struggle to find synergy with – the shallow wannabe world of many hip-hop artists and even more facile –  beat-match DJ – we suddenly find a superb original and emotive artist.

I raise my glass to a genuine guy who is seeking to share the angsts of life inside a mellow and considered musician who has considerable value to add.

Well composed poetry is about stark evocation and Blue Balloon is able to make that transition to music by retaining a link between the lyric and composition which merely frames the words as the audience is taken through stories of personal introspection to wider societal impact, without ever becoming valedictory or egocentric – a difficult path to navigate.

It will be interesting to find out if there is enough excoriation to make this a long term project, but even if not, I would suggest taking time to get to know Robert Rorison as he currently stands and add it to your files.


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