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Blonde Bunny

Blonde Bunny is an alternative indie rock band originally from Oundle in England. Toby Wardle, Alexander Collier, Matthew Reid, Samuel Gull, K deliver a sound which mixes up shoegaze, psychedelia and jazz influences.

Blonde Bunny

Blonde Bunny

Settling down to a session with Blonde Bunny you just know you are heading on a journey. Underlying the material is a captivating bass and percussion which wrestles its way in to the brain as the drone grabs hold of the ears. The vocal meanders through a variety of octaves including a highly appropriate falsetto.  The material hangs like a Saville Row suit, the disparate and seemingly random measurements and cuts are stitched together with a fine thread and eye for detail delivering to the listener a sound which at once fits perfectly.

Blonde Bunny do manage the odd track running at less than five minutes, but the extended lengths are not wearing on the brain, in fact the longer they go on, the more you want them to continue and as the crescendo of sound collapses the brain feels cleansed and empty. This is not an easy sound to get right, yet the players manage it well and have, those who get the space demanding, more sounds in which to wallow.

Possibly not immediately grabbing the listener by the scruff of the neck, give it half a track and you may well find your thoughts become extremely positive to a band who have much to offer the world of musical creativity.


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