Battle Of You

Battle Of You an alt- indie band from London in England is Mel (Vocals / Guitar), Nic (Keys / Vocals), Tom (Bass),  Killian (Guitar) and HP (Drums).

Battle Of You - alt indie from England.

Battle Of You

This just makes me smile, it is the native naivety that makes music fun, which so many bands miss in their search for being earnest and Battle Of You fill that void. Neither is it vacuous as the songs tread their path of lost engagement within a foil of cheerfulness.

Not seeking to rip the world of music asunder with new dimension the output needs to be given room to explore the space like a  new cat at home and before you know it, the radars are everywhere, this is a delight.

There is nothing wrong with bands who have nothing to say, so long as they say it well and Battle For You  is a band who lift the spirits for the very outpouring of big hugs to all and sundry. This is who they are and if the world was full of more of these guys it would be a far better place.

But were it just the sunny outlook I wouldn’t ask you to spend your time. Underneath it lies a group working on finding a better space in which to exist.

It may not  be my preference of an aged d’Yquem, but it is certainly a superb ‘pop-up’ indie fizz and you know how some of those ‘pop-ups’ become icons… I have a feeling, they will be doing well for themselves very soon.


Battle of You – EP – Battle of You is available on iTunes*.

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