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Audioshock is the alternative indie rock four piece of Jack Kinden (Guitar / Vocals), Billy Banyard (Bass / Vocals), Charlie Banyard (Drums) and Max Minus (Keys/Synth) based in Sandwich, England.



With the ability to stray in to melodic big stadium rock and earthy indie rock Audioshock makes for an interesting band, which in their moments of travel retain a tidal-wave of sound which features synth and guitar working in tandem, adding a twist that works well for the listener.

There is an underlying broodiness that resonates through the material that I particularly enjoy and the switching between vocals ensures the lyrical delivery suits the mood of the track. All in all a well structured band with every opportunity to develop to a wider audience than the furthest reaches of South Eastern England.

Whilst working with some ingeniously composed songs, Audioshock do not disappear in to their own creativity, rather delivering a sound that immediately strikes a chord with the audience. With a strong fanbase they are well set in their ambition to secure funding for the release of an LP.

Due to the very nature of the wide range of play, there is something in here for most fans of indie-rock and despite the breadth there is a distinctive sound driven by the synth / guitar combination that makes it easy for the ears to follow the journey. Whilst simultaneously this breadth does have the danger of adding to fall off, as it will all depend on which version of Audioshock you prefer as to whether the rest of the material holds as much interest….. time will tell.


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