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Alphabet Backwards

Alphabet Backwards from Oxford in England started life as James on his own with his guitar, but then came some additions - Paul, Josh and Bob Tom, subsequently Steph joined on the behest of her brother Josh and so the ground was set.

Alphabet Backwards

Alphabet Backwards

Indie Pop has the danger of being bland, mind-numbing nothingness, but then I didn’t need to say that, Alphabet Backwards add an intriguing electro twist and hey we are on to something here.

Infectious joy bounces out of the speakers like a newly engaged couple. They do not over complicate, however add sufficient depth to keep the ears actively tuned in to the sounds. The electro breaks in like a  fix of caffeine, sweeping the band up and driving them forward again on an ever more up-beat direction.  It is difficult to not get wrapped up in the feel-good factor.

The sound has tones of euro- electronica made shiny by a poppy remix which is a clever piece of reconstruction. More recently the band have added some darker textures to the mood, which plays out superbly, as it they still sit on the sunny-side of the street.

Already making a mark in the world of music, Alphabet Backwards look set to make an even larger splash.


I hope they don’t get ensnared in the commercial opportunities that will undoubtedly come their way and retain that naivety which makes the out-put such a pleasure.

The White Russian EP is available on The White Russian EP - Single - Alphabet Backwards*

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