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All We Are

All We Are is an alternative folk trio based in Liverpool in England. Rich, Guro and Luis originate from Norway, Ireland and Brazil bringing their diversity of backgrounds together which is reflected in the three part harmonised vocals.

All We Are

All We Are
Photo by Hanne Negård

The music has a mystical feel with solid drums and floating bass laying down a base to the tracks, whilst the guitar sails above the deeper notes with the engaging vocals filling the room with ethereal harmonies.

This is music not to hurry and if the mind isn’t feeling slightly dreamy at the outset it will do as the ears are wrapped in a cotton-ball of comfort. The compositions are superbly delivered as All We Are plays around with a psychedelic twist to the folk influences and it is this dimensional layer which raises the trio high above the bar.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see and hear them live, but I have heard that these performances add an even stronger string to the bow, so on that basis it would be worth taking time out to get to see them in performance. If you don’t have that opportunity, the dreamy weave arrives in the room through recorded material like a rolling mist floating across the landscape.


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