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Affairs is a five piece alternative electro indie outfit from Hull in England with the line-up of: James Robinson; Liam Grindell; Jack Richards; Dan Parker and Michael Bradnam.



Affairs, with their taste in the eclectic create something that stands out from the crowd and today, as I type, getting over a raging chesty cough, is exactly what I need. The melting of, a combination of synth, electro samples, guitar and baritone vocals creates a sound that is akin to a fine rich dark chocolate, not to everyone’s taste, but to those who get it – an intense pleasure.

With the electro loops providing a base-line, rising far above that are the other layers of sound which give what otherwise would have been the mundane, something of considerable interest. The synths provide a dreamy atmospheric whilst guitar sways between the lines and as regular readers will know, I am always a fan of baritone vocals, which, within the context of Affairs gives this a somewhat theatrical feeling.

It would be very easy for this to step over the line to a group of musicians with skill – but no emotional context. However underlying the compositions there is an edge of steel that gives this a genuine resonance rather than a mere exposition in competence.

As I started off by saying, this won’t suit everyone’s ears, but I would posit, casting aside prejudices to let the powerful composition and creativity take a hold of the brain will be time well spent.


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