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Elspeth from Belfast and Newry, Northern Ireland, have been around for less than a year. Gerard (Vocals, Guitar), Leo (Guitar), Jonny (Guitar), Davy (Bass) and Phil (Drums), got together in March 2009. Having received national airplay and gigs on the mainland, locally and in Ireland, they have quickly gathered momentum and have an LP - Felix Squirrel planned for the New Year. Their experimental Indie Rock has been extremely well received by a rapidly expanding fan-base.



Their diversity of output is impressive, as they range through tracks which are acoustic, ’60s Dylanesque in style, to heavy bass and drum led indie rock and on to a wall of guitars.

With little doubt Elspeth are a group of capable musicians, with some real added value to the world of music and it is no surprise they have been so well received. Listening to the set below, reminds me of going out for a walk in the hills, each step driving towards an end goal, yet the path ahead ever changing.

Elspeth by Elspeth

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