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Liv Summer

Liv Summer a folk-pop out-fit from Zurich in Switzerland is essentially cored around Liv Summer (Vocals / Guitar) however the band line-up includes Mischa Maurer (keys), Moritz Meyer (bass) and Dominic Eschmann (drums).

Liv Summer

Liv Summer

Sometimes it is a good thing to get out of the comfort zone as a music fan and so I step with Liv Summer, who is also working to become a 2013 contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest entry, now that is quite a long way for me to stride and you too, I know, but bear with me.

I guess most of us have something musically soft and gentle that just resonates for personal reasons no matter how ardent and strident our central music zone may be. I happen to have that link with Eva Cassidy and the vocal and delivery of Liv Summer somehow reminds me of that powerful singer-songwriter. I was also introduced to Livs’ music through a track – Home – that reminds me of The YuYa with that off-beat resonance and as regular readers know I am a sucker for reggae beats.

Softly played compositions are brought to life by a stunning vocal performance which tells stories of emotional depth through highly competent lyric writing skills which reflect on the fears driven by the fragility and tenuous nature of relationships.

On a personal note, which may sound denigrating, but isn’t meant in that way at all, I hope the Eurovision Song Contest ambitions don’t transpire as I believe that Liv Summer has some serious and heart connecting music waiting to find a way out.


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