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The members of KultuattenatSamy D, I Buchi, Laureen, Mirinita, Thomas, Tinitus, Collie Herb, Holger, Pascal, Josephine and Bruno from Lagenthal in Switzerland deliver a twist to Dance-hall Ska.



Slipping out of the speakers is delight to my ears. Ska beats swarm across the room and the sheer numbers of players gives Kultuattenat so much width, it is almost like playing a compilation of the best of Kingston. Material stretches from reggae to hip-hop taking every direction with which the kernel has direct relationships and delivering it with style as the vocals dwell on the world in the ’10s of the 21st Century.

On this cold and overcast Sunday afternoon as I type, there are fewer more engaging spaces in which I would wish to dwell and I can feel my bones absorbing the warmth.

Kulturattentat still sitting in the emerging area despite numerous releases and with superb ability, I can only surmise that  the location and singing in German are the only reason to solve that conundrum for what is incredibly accessible music of the highest order.

I recommend you rectify a missing slot in the ‘must have’ playlist by adding these immensely talented musicians to the list. On what should have been an easy review, it has taken me three hours to get here, such is the enjoyment of the music and my constant disappearing for a leg shift around the room.


Us Liebe Zur Zach is available on Us Liebi zur Sach - Kulturattentat*

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