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Eno from Zürich in Switzerland mark my first foray in to the swiss music scene, the duo of  Ivo Münger (drums / keyboard) and Chrisitan Mikolasek (guitar, keyboard) generate a post-rock ambient sound.



The success criteria for this style of music must the space between notes and beats and how that space is filled, Eno are deft exponents at filling that space with some superb ambient sounds. Nothing is rushed and everything is developed as the duo ease the listener in to the chamber of sensory overload.

One of the many joys about listening to the breadth of music I do, is that the power of music never ceases to amaze. It isn’t the loudest, fastest or most outrageous band that holds the power, but the band which sufficiently under-plays to keep the listener wanting ever more and Eno, with their highly muted sound are with out doubt one of the most powerful bands out there at the moment.

The intricate weave of sounds blends together raising a barrier around the audience, cocooning them in a space of time deprivation as the two players orchestrate their away through some  demanding constructions, the work being carried out by the band, the pleasure resting in the ears of the listener.


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