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Amber Oak

Amber Oak is the Indie Pop band from Skellefteå in Sweden comprising - Jonathan Eriksson (Vocals), Alexander Hofverberg (Bass), Josef Dahlberg (Guitar / Backup Vocals) and Erik Ekersund (Drums / Percussion).

Amber Oak

Amber Oak

I couldn’t help but feel better about the day when I hit the play button as the quartet, who have undergone a shift in line-up deliver a set of music that holds some depth to it like a subdued light glowing on the stage, but at the same time the tracks rattle along in an easy-going canter that captures the brain in a bouncing wave.

I am some-what reminded of an interview I had recently with Pretty Solitude in which the deep thinking nature of many from Sweden was discussed.

This is a cleverly constructed sound which lyrically revolves around an introspective space, yet Amber Oak is somehow able to show a positive side to it all. Sometimes music is of genuine world-wide appeal and I receive bands working in this space from across the globe and with the carefully crafted compositions I can imagine they will suit a wide range of ears. But that said, by its very breadth there is the distinct likelihood this will be totally overlooked – which would be a great pity.

Tracks to listen to with the four piece line-up were a bit thin on the ground, so I can’t give a definitive view, but I definitely look forward to having the opportunity to hear more of Amber Oak.


Ambivalence – EP – Amber Oak is available on iTunes.*

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