The Jackets

The Jackets a rock band from Valladolid in Spain is Eva González (Vocals), Guille Aragón (Drums), Pablo Giral (Guitar), Manuel García (Bass) and Giovanni Olcese (Guitar).

The Jackets - rock from Spain

The Jackets

The music that emanates from the speakers explains precisely why when touring rock bands remember Spain exists, they are so well received. The Jackets scoop up much that is in the genre and deliver it with aplomb.

Superbly crafted pieces of music are set to a highly distinctive vocal and the overall effect just holds the listener transfixed in a warming glow. Bringing out a range of instruments, which on occasion includes piano / vocal only pieces, The Jackets captivate the audience with the strength of conviction and quality of workmanship that goes into the tracks. The music itself is held in place by the ability the band have to create pieces which drip in atmospherics as the quintet fill the room with broad brushes of texture to wrap inside the limbic system burrowing through to the hypothalamus.

The guitars weave their path around a mood defining percussion which is used, almost as an instrument rather than a beat setter giving the band plenty of space in which to explore the sentiments behind the lyrics. Whilst that could easily lead to lengthy straying evocations, they maintain a clear path of direction with the music running as a translation to the sentences.

Whilst many tourists travel to Spain for the sunshine and beaches or ludicrously overpriced loop rendition nightclubs, my advice is, while you are there head away from the tacky plastic of tourist attractions and get out to see some great bands and if you spot The Jackets on a gig poster – make it a must go night.


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