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Disco Violence

From Šid in Serbia, comes Tintor Sasha in the guise of Disco Violence. Tintor was formerly with Neuropsychiatry, which disbanded in the late ’90s. Having struggled to find like minded musicians to form a band, he decided to head off on hos won, playing the instruments and plugging it all in to his computer before heading out to the venues. With occasional bass and vocal support, Disco Violence is predominately a three year old solo vehicle.

Disco Violence

Disco Violence

Angst, pain and self-deprecating humour are proffered as one smörgåsbord of entertainment. Disco Violence takes a theme and wrings the neck out of it. Ranging from classical folk to modern electro, all with a hearty helping of enthusiasm, Tinto creates a generous space for the listener to get to grips with his intent.


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