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The Rusty Fixtures

Back in 2010 in Wexford, Ireland - Brian Bolger (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Mary Kirwan (Vocals, Keys), John Walshe (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Rory Sweeney (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Kyle O’Connor (Drums, Backing Vocals) got together to create The Rusty Fixtures.

The Rusty Fixtures

The Rusty Fixtures

I think I will run with rural-rock to aim for a simple descriptor, which probably leaves you in the shade, so let’s try and add some light. The band pull together some incredibly diverse elements, rock-a-billy, folk and rock all sit there somewhere. The music has the up-beat tempo of a sharp dance number, yet is tinged with a melancholy only found in many rural areas, where even a diamond mine being found in the back-garden generates a sense of loss for ‘the old-days’ and the amalgamation spins around a core of strong guitar composition.

The Rusty Fixtures eponymous debut EP was released in January 2012.  Over the short period of their existence they blended the five musicians in to a tight out-fit, where each is given the space to explore, yet remains tightly in the loop of the track. The switching of the vocalists between tracks engenders a feeling that there are two distinct sounds to the band, which further adds to the interest levels.

I found myself smiling as I listened to the music, with my heart lifted in spirit. It will be interesting to see how The Rusty Fixtures develop, there is a danger that they will never capture an identifiable core sound, though that isn’t necessarily an issue for music fans.

However it pans out, thanks The Rusty Fixtures for making this morning seem a brighter space.

Once there is a full sound to a video I will get something posted, there are earlier videos when the band was still developing as an entity, so for now an acoustic version of the opening track on the new EP.


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