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Bone, a duo from Kilkenny in Ireland comprise Mike Ryan and Geri Doyle Ryan.  Both experienced musicians in their own right. Bone has been a project for the past 12 years.



Harking to sounds from CBGBs,  blending with muted acid from England in the ’90′s, with a splash of  ’60s Festival. Bone carve out a niche which lies comfortably in the central space of Indie Bands Blog. I just re-read the ‘muted acid’ I think that must already be a genre, if not, I know not why.

The reverberation emanating from Bone make it difficult to accept this is a duo. I have heard banks of musicians who can’t get the depth and character of their out-put. I am not sure whether to turn the lights down low and lie back or should I let my body flow with the metronomic beat, with a group a friends.

Lilting melodies are coalesced with melting instrumentation as Bone take the listener on a hovercraft of cloud layer across an obscured landscape. Bone express all that is the best of the space Velvet Underground occupied and superbly slide in to the void with just two under-exposed creatives, perhaps that is the beauty of Bone, it all seems so intimate due to the nature of where they currently sit.

It is a real pleasure to head along this avenue, Kim Booth on behalf of Strummerville sent me details a while ago and for no explicable reason, it has taken me far too long to talk about the outfit.

As soon as I am able I will get some music of theirs to listen to on the website. In the meantime take a listen on their myspace page, where you will also find details of their recent release Teepee.

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