The Poster Boy

The Poster Boy is an Indie pop band from Budapest in Hungary comprising Imre Poniklo (Guitars / Keyboards  / Vocals), Noel R.  Mayer (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals),  Michael Zwecker (Drums) and Zoltán  Fehér (Bass) plus on occasion Viki Singh adds vocals.

The Poster Boy

The Poster Boy

Sharper eyed readers will recall Imre and Michael from the EP review of SALT III. But this is a completely different animal. We find ourselves intertwined in the heart and soul of light weaves and open textures. This relies completely on composition and The Poster Boy are capable composers.

There is nothing to shatter the head here as the band sits slap bang in the middle of the road, yet it is played with such confidence and panache that you can’t help but sit up and take notice. Sometimes clean and sparkling glasses are what you need for the guests and whilst this will never sit in my ‘essential’ playlist it has much to offer to fans of music as The Poster Boy take their name literally and we are left with a clean and shiny crystal and like a crystal, although of and in itself unremarkable, it is somehow engaging and so I sit with the band. I can’t tell you what I liked about it – but it held my attention.

I am mostly intrigued by the scene in Hungary which is drawing in musicians from disparate areas of the globe, I am somewhat reminded of The Ukraine where the same is happening.


Melody – The Poster Boy is available on iTunes*.

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