Kollaps is a three piece alternative indie band based in  Budapest in Hungary. The trio of Oleg Tooff Zubkov  (vocals / bass), Sarkadi Miklós (vocals /guitar) and Francis (drums) combine musicians from Eastern Russia as well as Hungary.



Smack bang in the middle of what I enjoy, with hints of The Stranglers I am pleased that the guys from Kollaps managed to get together. Tooff started life in Khabarovsk before moving to St. Petersburg where he joined a band that eventually ended up in Hungary. The rest of the gang left for home and in 2007 he teamed up with Sardaki and after running through a few drummers found Francis and as they say… Currently working on their third EP and touring extensively in Hungary.

There is a powerhouse of sound that rips in to the room with the trio working well together to deliver a focussed yet alive context that engages the listener with the incessant percussion / bass combination that grounds the material and through this interweaves a reflective guitar that co-ordinates with the vocal and the over all package leaves the audience wondering if there are really only three musicians involved.

Whilst the music is finely delivered it doesn’t seek to become all bells and whistles, retaining a superlative reflective of post-apocalyptic rock and I hope they get the opportunity to spread their wings geographically wider and I look forward with anticipation to the new EP.

This was another one of those initial introductions that worked so well – I send back a diatribe and we find common ground.


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