Grande is the indie bands blog first wander in to Hungary and appropriately enough the material is sung in Hungarian, though back in 2009 they used to sing in English.  2008 saw the formation of the indie rock band from Budapest in Hungary and after a few changes of personnel now consists of Tomi Pal (vocals, guitar), Dia Szirmai (bass), David Dimak  (drums) and Viktor Tumbasz (guitar, vocals)



The hum of power-plugs come out of the speakers as Grande fuzz the laid-back indie rock which emerges in to the room. This is good solid music, not seeking to strain the leashes of the genre, rather taking an even more lo-fi approach which sits squarely within the out-put. There is plenty to entertain the ears, as the band ensure the distortion doesn’t crowd out the music, rather making it seem more oppressive and strangely, powerful.

There is no need for the serried ranks of strident guitar, as the compositions have a depth and resonance built in to the texture of the sound. It would be interesting to find out why they switched from English to native Hungarian and I must find out one day. For what-ever reason, the sincerity of  the vocal ensures it fits neatly in to the slot.

There is nothing demanding from Grande, rather a decent sound which ensures the audience are left with a wish to hear more.


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