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Mechanimal an alternative rock band from Athens in Greece is Giannis Papaioannou, Freddie F, Angelica Vrettou and Kostas Matiatos.


Mechanimal alternative rock from Greece.


Formed in the chaos that was Greece in 2011, though not much is better now, other than the irrationality has become the acceptable face of Socio-capitalism. Rather than falling in to the malaise Mechanimal seek to find a path of travel within the confines of what has become the new world order.

Powerful, yet subdued, the material matches the sentiment of thinking in perfect order as the quartet use emotional context driven through electronics and instruments to lay down an atmosphere which is topped by a vocal which adds emotive context and a sense of menace simultaneously. Mechanimal is a band precisely of its geopolitics and time and I raise my hat to them.

Smartly crafted industrial loops are layered under the living creature that is the instruments and the listener is left with a sense of an omnipresent dark cloud under which a thriving and developing entity is carving out an existence.

I could call to mind a range of influences, but to do so would deflect from the unique creativity that is Mechanimal. Politically, as those of you who read my news related site Anarchy in The UK will not be surprised to hear this is a band with which I feel at home as the band delve underneath the morass to ask questions and seek to find a space in which to exist.


Mechanimal – Mechanimal is available on iTunes*

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