Jake Leg

Jake Leg from Thessaloniki in Greece is Tolis (vocals), Babis (guitar), Makis (bass) and Aggelos (drum) who make up the indie rock band formed in 2005.

Jake Leg

Jake Leg

Bring on the scratched guitar string, rumbling bass and rattling drums – what a great way to start my morning. Jake Leg is well known in the local circuit and have released their own recordings over the years to spread the net wider, most recently 45 minutes of pure delight on their eponymous LP which came out in November 2012 and I am delighted to be able to introduce the quartet to the Indie Bands Blog.

Bluesy melodies are beefed up with hard edged rock battlements but they are not afraid to stretch the sounds to a more experimental nature. I feel that they have the strength of composition to play their material straight down the line as they bring a fresh and updated version to the genre. Once again geographics are the constraining factor on a sound which has a potential global appeal, even more so than may be expected as the lyrics are in English and their difficulty in spreading much beyond their own shores is a great pity.

The tracks are tightly packed little gems containing – story-line, relevant sounds and a direction of travel – which leaves the listener wanting to hear – just one more. I will certainly be adding Jake Leg to my play-list.


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