No:carrier is Cynthia Wechselberger and Christian Wirsig - an electro-noire duo originally from Ingolstadt in Germany but now straddling between the USA and Germany.

No:Carrier electro-noire from Germany.


Slathered in dripping gothesque No:carrier add a wonderful splash of purple to the day. Some sounds and voices just set the frame for an extended BDSM weekend and No:carrier fit the bill smartly. I could go on about the sultry sexy smokiness, but you will have already got the picture.

The electronics deliver a heady atmosphere as they flow across the room in a captivating beat riven like a cloud of smoke caught in flickering hues of velvet  strobes and over the mesmeric music lays a vocal pulling the listener into a hypnosis of expectation. Whilst I do from time to time mention bands sound as-though they would fit into the  Berlin club scene,  it is when you get a voice that naturally sounds like Dietrich that it becomes obvious you are listening to the real thing.

I am delighted I am writing about this on a Friday as I have the perfect excuse to start my weekend here and I would suggest you do the same.

With the current transatlantic nature of the duo, with Chris being based in Los Angeles and Cynthia still in Germany, I hope they are able to maintain the momentum of their musical development without the time differences causing a rift. Having survived eleven years of a musical journey I would expect that to be the case.


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2 Responses to “No:carrier”
  1. Wendy says:

    Fantastic song and video! I love the tune and imagery! Congrats! You really captured it beautifully! Hope it goes to the top of the charts so everyone can hear it!
    W.Elkin – Producer/Director of Painting Bolinas

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