Mincer Ray

Graham, Cate and Sean make up Mincer Ray the retro-rock band from Berlin in Germany.

Mincer Ray

Mincer Ray

This feels so retro – I got in to a time-capsule – but it spat me out and suggested I take another listen and we find, whilst resonating of days gone by a currency in material that perfectly suits the mood of the present. Somewhat melancholic with a bleakness that speaks of the wider spheres of Europe as I type. I was taken back to Bauhaus – not the band, but the origins of the Bauhaus School of the late 19th and early 20th Century.

The material has a stark backdrop which draws in the listener as the collapsing industrial landscape that the Mincer Ray lays out immediately plays in to the very bone marrow of the audience. Stripping the music back to the core the trio are able to generate an intense circumstantial demonstrative sound that is a testament to the quality of the song-writing.

To my ears – this is a band that would benefit from four track recording as the material needs no tweaks or mix edit as the format perfectly suits the connection between ears and band and to add anything else is superfluous.

Thanks Mincer Ray for doing what you do and long may you continue to do it, as you revitalise the heart and soul of the whole point of rock music – visceral, simple and engaging.


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3 Responses to “Mincer Ray”
  1. Rue says:

    I love how simplistic they are. It’s a band stripped down to raw levels. It sounds AMAZING. I’m tired of all the music shoved full of extra things.


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