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Fathead from Karlsruhe in Germany is an indie rock quartet made-up of  Benson (Vocals / Guitar), André (Drums / Vocals), Gert Korn (Guitar / Vocals) and Ilja (Bass / Vocals).



You only have to raise half a hip and Fathead leverage a hand in to the moshpit. This is teen-angst ohne vergleich as the band tease you inside, so the material slows to a snails pace and that is the challenge for the audience. This is life as it is is – good times and feeling somewhat exposed to the vagaries of the emotional responses of others. Be not afraid, the band will: Ensure you are in the right space; Cast the spotlight on those not involved; Refocus the spotlight on the moshpit and Take it back to the stage whilst you deal with your own anxieties.

There is a smile raised to my face as I write the review and wallow in the sounds crashing against my ears as Fathead transcribe heartfelt German headspace in to English lyric and don’t miss a beat – the reason for my smile – thinking about a comparable English or American speaking band having that grasp of linguistics.

Perhaps I am in too cynical a mood to be writing reviews this afternoon as the quartet stand completely on their own without the translation referencing. Drums crash against the precise guitar whilst full use is made of the vocal interventions, though I am not absolutely sure that the overblown four microphones are mixed to any more than a distortion to what is other wise a sharp vocal delivery, but that is a minor itch as Fathead deliver a powerful kraftakt within the confines of a quartet of indie rockers. With over 2 000 live performances since their inception in 2003 the band deserves more ear space.


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