The Shh

The Shh, betwixt Malta and Paris in France, is an indie-pop duo which comprises of Alison Galea and Ian Schranz. The out-fit is but a few months old though have already released a video and EP – The Burning Love.

The Shh

The Shh

Happy notes bound out of the speakers with aplomb. There is an anchored instrumentation which demands the ears take a closer listen. Chords are replayed in ever more complex constructions, while the bouncing vocals raise the spirits. I am reminded of a fine aged whisky, earthy tones are enriched by a kick of spice and so we find The Shh.

Delightful bass lines engage my own space whilst around the solidity lies the jangles of wind chimes. That isn’t to decry the sentiments which wander through emotional complexities of relationships. This is an engaging duo that despite conflicting alternative band commitments, will hopefully be able to find the time to develop.

The clean lines refresh the ears whilst the compositions layer suds before the shower blast leaves a re-invigorated mind to face another day.


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