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Strange Hands

Well I learn something new everyday, there I was thinking Bordeaux in France was merely the home of the best wines and food from around the world and then Strange Hands hit my inbox.

Formed back in 2008, the trio of Victor, Melvyn and Lucas decided to eschew bass guitar and launch their take on psychedelia, with variations combinations of drums, 12 string guitar, regular guitar, organ and vocal.

Strange Hands

Strange Hands

With their minimalist approach, Strange Hands generate a sound which leaves me with a grin on my face. The very primitive approach creates a sense of absolute authenticity. Undoubted references to the ’60s hippie era are bounced forward to resonate clearly 50 years later.

I can somehow imagine myself sitting in a field, engrossed by watching a wood carver, as the music cleaves itself in to focus. The simplicity of the construction belie the creative forces which enable Strange Hands to make a sound of real substance.

The lack of Bass guitar actually enhances the atmospherics of the music, as it all becomes an ethereal whimsy. Snatches of progressions which are impossible to grasp hold of – yet seem to be created out of granite blocks.

With a  Mainland European Tour coming up later in the year it would be worth taking time to put their visit in the diary ahead of other events.

- ACID VISION – Strange Hands from tab_ularasa on Vimeo.


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