Sheetah et les Weissmüller

From Lille in France come Barnabe Weissmüller (Vocal), Hubert Weissmüller (Keys / vocal), Jeje Weissmüller (Guitar / vocal), Laurent Weissmüller (Drums) and Fifi Weissmüller ( Bass / vocal) and you know when the ’60s complete with Carnaby Street and a French twist come wandering in to the room the ears are in for space full of fun, so here we sit with Sheetah et les Weissmüller.

Sheetah et les Weissmüller

Sheetah et les Weissmüller

Laughing as I step in to the review, I am reminded of the Germanic sounding Krug, yet evidently French. I do think the French knock spots off the shelf of the so called British irony as Sheetah et les Weissmüller evidences. With a  pastiche of The Kinks, who I personally rate highly, they wander off with a cock-a-snook and bring us up to speed to the modern day. There is a pithy grounding to the vocal which pitches against an energetic instrumentation, replete with instruments as yet unmentioned.

I was in a poor mood before I arrived with Sheetah et les Weissmüller and now life seems brighter as the jangle of noise collides against the dance hall walls and you just know what ever comes next will be better than before you walked in to the venue.


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