Ottokraft from Paris in France is the solo composer William Dark who composes dark industrial electronics.



The deep industrial beats hammer through the speakers before reverberating like a pneumatic drill around the room. Scintillating sounds are driven in to the brain as all the horrors of machinery on the verge of a nervous break-down clatters in to the ears. This is material which demands bass wound up and volume shifted higher, even better head jammed against the sound delivery point, I wonder why I have tinnitus?

The electronics are perfect in this space as they capture the chaos of a machine driven world, a world spiralling off its axis as lumps of steel crash into each other. The relentless beats reflecting of the unstoppable momentum, delivering compelling pieces of artistry that I just don’t want to end. In fact strangely for me, I feel somewhat saddened the tracks don’t extend for a good 20 to 30 minutes of ear bleeding resonance. The fact I actually typed that, for someone who usually thinks 3:01 long songs have overstayed their welcome but a full second and become dreary, I find myself somewhat surprised.


The eponymous LP is available on Ottokraft - Ottokraft*

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