Mondkopf first came to vision back in 2009, whith the the release of his album Galaxy Of Nowhere. Based in Paris,  France – Mondkopf is regularly seen around the circuit with his electronic – trance – house inspired story telling.



There are plenty of artists who aspire to make a difference in this sector and so few who actually do. Mondkopf manages to capture a story-line line and turn it in to a compelling piece of work. The fusion of styles are worked through the desk with ease and out comes more than a mere piece of electronic wizardy, but a complete story, to which the music is the messenger.

I rarely turn my hand towards DJs and in fact Mondkopf is the first I have featured on the main website, but this is not out of a dislike, merely the reality is that so few add value to the world of music in the greater context. Here is a hugely talented exception.

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Rising Doom is available on Rising Doom - Mondkopf*

If Monkopf plays any-where near you, I would suggest you would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend that particular evening.

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