Hoboken Division

Hobken Division is the garage rock duo of Mathieu Cazanave (Guitars / organ / harmonica / Kick / vocals) and Marie Rieffly (Vocals / organ /  drums) from Nice in France.

Hoboken Division

Hoboken Division

Emerging from the Mississippi Delta Blues lies an engaging duo, who know how to turn a musical instrument or two between themselves and write a score. This is a duo with considerable expertise are able to wring the last drop from their material. The head sways to the ever flowing beats that emerge from the speakers whilst the ears remain transfixed to the deep Southern influences. Whilst the brain is swerved on the one tilt to the worst atrocities of the roots of the music and as would be anticipated by the genre there is a dignified and confident stance that defies the abuses as the eighth cranial nerve switches the balance.

This is music which challenges the listener to move out of the cocoon on the 21st Century valedictory of carefully crafted ‘right-think’. Positing a forthright query of rectitude and authority which the duo deliver with a well crafted intervention. The Delta Blues garage rock delivery stands as a powerful and distinct stance with which to construct an intellectual response to the ills of the world.

Politics aside, Hoboken Division have considerable interest to add to the world of music.

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