Hannah Judson

Hannah Judson is a folk rock singer / songwriter originally from the USA has been based in Paris, France since 2005 where she reflects on her life’s journey.

Hannah Judson Photo credit Adrian Johnson

Hannah Judson Photo credit Adrian Johnson

There is a gravitational pull that pulls the listener in to the soundscape that is Hannah Judson. With a vocal that finds its way directly in to the head, she adds an engaging score that enhances the some how simultaneously down to earth, yet ethereal sounds, that emerge and blends them in toa shroud in which the audience is wrapped.

The reflective words are enhanced by a vocal which drips of promise and distance: It is this ability Hannah posses to draw polar perspectives together that raises her material to a sound which deserves consideration. The combination of the simplicity with complex tones that attract the ears.

With a combination of instrumentation the material gains a depth of sound that flows from the speakers to intoxicate the audience. References of Parisian café culture is entwined with brash Americana and stirred with an acerbic bitter drop of lime to reflect on a life of visceral change.


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