Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen is Benjamin Racine (lead vocals / guitars / irish bouzouki), Nicolas Arnaud (drums / percussion) and Mathieu Equy (bass / percussion / vocals) a psychedelic rock band from Nancy in France.

Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen

Melting Spleen is a band that perfectly catches my mind today. Antibiotics for bronchitis, anti-inflammatory’s and painkillers for RSI, now called some other acronym and my head is floating on its own. Adding a dash of these guys and I am tripping out on a whole new level. Perhaps best if I don’t fill your day with every image flashing through my head, but suffice it to say – I would be very happy to kick off my shoes and float with the moment.

There is an interesting mix of influence that sit within the sounds. French folk and arabesque influences melt with The Velvet Underground and on occasion a splash of early PIL and the intriguing instrumental mix whisks the whole effect into a mutation of mesmerising music in which the listener has to do nothing more than set their mind free to roam with the sounds.

Whilst the tracks are busy with bubbling effects, Hammering Spleen do not overload the head as the compositions have a natural flow to them to which the brain can lock and flow. With tracks running from less than three minutes to getting on for six the trio are able to change the mood of the sound with shifts of pace that add to the overall value of the band to the world of music.


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