General Bye Bye

General Bye Bye, from Montreuil (Paris) France came in to existence back in 2008 – after a hiatus the foursome became a threesome comprising – Philippe Beer-Gabel (guitars, vocals, melodica and kantele), Emmanuel Quirié (keys and synth) and Etienne Gillet (drums, guitar and backing vocal), to generate synthesis of instrumentation.


General Bye Bye

General Bye Bye

General Bye Bye, fill me with a sense of fun. The heavily accented vocals, discordant instrumentation and a jarring sense of timing are the hallmarks of creativity or incredulity, in this instance I reference the former. Edvard Munch challenged perspective and I find this is a band which fills a similar void.

Electronics back-up against an ‘ ‘Allo ‘Allo – Captain Crabtree’ inspired vocal, with guitar and drum interspersing the discordance. Sloth like progression is suddenly riven with a rude awakening of intravenously injected antidote. Tracks float on their own ether to unknown spaces as instrumentation is added and dropped at what appears a whim, yet the disturbing volatility adds value and General Bye Bye float to a space which makes perfect sense, as with the asynchronistic pier and rail of The Scream, when juxtaposed against the over-arching framework and so sits this highly creative French band.

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The early 2011 release Blood on my Keyboard is available on Blood On My Keyboard - EP - General Bye Bye*

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