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It has taken some time for me to get round to writing about indie bands from France and Chicros, from Paris are a great place to start. Philippe Monthaye (vocals / keyboards / guitar), Mathieu Warsky (vocals / keyboards / harmonica / guitars / bass), Olivier Marguerit (guitars / vocals / string arrangements / keyboard / horns) and Arnaud Cambraye (drums) combine with a stark realism to their music.



Chicros are one of those bands who present their message in an understated manner. On the surface appearing to offer great musicianship and creative psychedelic indie pop the output is    far more than this. It is music which is carefully crafted against a backdrop of emotive lyrics as the music paints the picture of each songs entirety. Chicros are a group of creatives, who have found a superb medium on which to paint their canvass. The melodies range across wide influences. The ’60s beat generation one moment is replaced by the output of the alternative bands of the ’80s which may then be replaced by psychedelia. Chicros are confident talented musicians who easily interplay between each other with a sound and style that is absolutely in tune with the lyrical output.

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Their recently released album Radiotransmission doesn’t yet have an available digital download, as soon as we get news the indie bands blog will let you know.

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