Blondstone is a garage rock band from Nancy in France. The trio of Alex Astier (guitar / vocal), Nicolas Boujot (bass) and Pierre Barrier (Drums) released their debut EP – #1 –  in the summer of 2012.



The band sound more akin to emerging from the depths of New York with their lyrical angsts over – relationships and starry-eyed reverence of media stereo-types – particularly – when mixed with some of the gruffest garage rock that I have heard in a while. They deliver a sound that nestles comfortably in my ears as sawn guitar is matched by sub-woofer challenging bass-lines which if they were slacker strings Nico would need a board behind the bass neck to get to them, all delivered in a laid-back tempo.

Demonstrating a certain panache Blondstone do not stick to the one sound, rather injecting the music with a range of styles from modern rock to something Hawkwind would have been pleased to deliver. The trio have only been together for a relatively short period of time and there is plenty of development space which they appear to have the potential to fill.

This is an instance in which the three players would probably not gain advantage by adding a further member to the line-up as they play a tight sound and seem to have developed a good understanding of each other.

With an every growing catalogue of material Blondstone is an out-fit for which it is well worth keeping an open ear.


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