Animaux Surround

Animaux Surround is a solo project for cinematographer singer songwriter Isidore Hibou to translate visuals in to music. Based in Paris, France, Animaux Surround came in to fruition in late 2010 with the  EP Booking Rooms appearing in July 2011, which is to be followed later this year (2012) by a planned second release.

Animaux Surround

Animaux Surround

The music blends electro-pop with classical constructions to find a level above the plumb-line. Isidore prefers to remain fairly anonymous, letting his material take the spot light. The compositions leave the listener wanting to grab more of the space, without it ever being absolutely clear which space they are in. There is an underlying sense of trouble which layers the tracks, to be lifted by a entrancing instrumentation which is then subsumed back in to the shadows by a distinctive vocal.

In some ways the music has the feel of a back-drop to a film, but it is plenty strong enough to stand on it’s own merit and I am looking forward to the follow-up release.


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