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Zebra and Snake

Zebra and Snake are a duo from Helsinki in Finland. Tapio (Vocals, Synth)) Matti (Bass, backing vocal, synths) combine their sense of composition to create some of the smartest electro-beats wandering around the European circuit.

Zebra and Snake

Zebra and Snake

I often find bands with roots in remote rural locations have a creative sense of space that reflects the territory in which the composers grew-up and Zebra and Snake are no exception, childhood in Alajärvi is reflected in the open spaces the band manages to fold in to their music.

The enchanting reflection of wilderness and wonder is enmeshed seamlessly in to the out-put, which fades the tempo to a highly emotionally charged sound. The duo are dab hands at the understatement, which adds to the sense of engagement with the music. The effect is one of music flowing with you, rather than at you, making it a very easy to loose sense of time and context as the pulsing beats wash gently through the ears.

The band describe the creation of the music as being cathartic for their own experiences and they have capably translated this to enable the listener to lift grey mist from their own minds.



Nighttime by Zebra and Snake is available on Nighttime - Zebra and Snake*

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