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Weepikes is a psychedelic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. After a 13 year break – back in 2010 Pasi Peni (Vocals / guitar), Jyrki Lehto (Guitar) and Tomi Nuotio (Bass) decided to get back together. To replace the original drummer Timmo RaveaAri Reiska Lehtinen joined the line-up.



There are shreds of Lou Reed and Hawkwind, but it is held inside a more manageable space. The underlying brooding mood is riven with broken guitar distortions which sear out of the speakers like shards of glass. Holding this diversity together is not easy and Weepikes demonstrate their creative and compositional abilities by maintaining a trajectory of travel despite the these interjections of sound.

This is music to embrace at the right moment as the very colliding layers of sound and threads require the listener to focus on two or three things happening simultaneously though at opposite ends of the spectrum and once in to the right mindset the sounds become an all engrossing focal for the mind as the rest of the world carries on with its own business.

With their come-back eight track release We Are Weepikes which came out digitally at the beginning of February 2013 and a CD version to follow-up on the 15th February it will be interesting to see how their comeback is received by a wider audience. To my mind Weepikes is well worth taking some time to investigate.


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