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Neondad is a psychedelic-pop band from Oulu, Finland made up of Hung Dad (guitar / korg / vocals), Lusty Dad ( guitar / vocals), Feliz Navidad (bass) and Peter von Baghdad (drums / vocals).

This is about as ’60s hippie festival as can possibly be, from a spectrum getting on for fifty years forward. That’s not to suggest the material is a re-hash of something long-gone by, rather there is a modernity which floats around the band like a chain of daisies on a summers-day.

Opening up the player the brain feels as though it has gone in to slow-motion. Notes are given room to emerge, float and settle before the next refrain emerges from the speakers. Tracks are typically around the five minute mark and while it seems some considerable time has elapsed between the start and finish of each song, that isn’t a bad thing as during the time-lapse the brain is set on a massaging and relaxing journey of tie-dyed kaftans and patchouli Oil.

There is a lot to be said for taking some time out of daily hassle and Neondad is the perfect vehicle to get in to that space.


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