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Manna is Mariam  Jäntti and she is currently working on an international release for her second Album, Songs of Hope and Desire including six new tracks. Her influences range across the decades.

She describes her output as being from the heart, without boundaries.



The output by Manna has me clamouring for comparisons, which are self-evident, so let’s stay away from that line of thought.

Many artists grow on me over time, Manna is of a rare breed, musical output which immediately on listening to, I had a sense that this was something special. With an alluring voice, she manages to capture the essence of not only the lyrics, but also the instrumentation. Her vocal acting as a conductor and lightning rod for the performance, which sucks the listener ever inwards.

From rock influenced tracks to dreamy ballads, she has the uncanny ability to make the sound believable. Manna is a name to watch out for. Were she based in the UK or USA, I have little doubt that her coverage and distribution would be far wider.

Her music speaks for itself…

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Playing on the UK on the 8th December 2010, I recommend getting out to see the live performance.

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