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Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue from Finland, prefer to write about ethereal things. Reeta Vestman (vocals), Miika Colliander (Guitar), Marko Nyberg (Bass), Anssi Sopanen (Drums) Maria Ilmoniemi and Ville Riippa (Keyboard) are a group of highly talented musicians and the band first started to form in 2004. Over the intervening years the sound has become more defined and the vision of the band driven by exploring the relationship with nature.
Husky Rescue
Husky Rescue
play music which aims to transcend fixed boxes, blending the sound of cinematic mood music, the odd catch here and there of mid 90′s club sounds and suddenly reverting to a rush of guitar.

The out-put, while pushing forward with catchy beats contains the hypnotic sounds of the keyboards and the haunting vocals of Reeta, which help the mind drift off to places afar.

Husky Rescue
is a band who are at peace with their sound and contain some highly effective musicians who are able to blend together around the creative spark of Marko, to produce hugely effective mood music.

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News of their up-coming tour and album release will be posted on the blog in the next week or so. To keep in touch with the latest tour news subscribe to the  indie bands blog newsletter.

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